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Activate/Deactivate EZ Mode

You can activate or deactivate EZ Mode in SmartDrive Settings menu.

  • Hold the right button until the settings icon is shown.
Now you are on the main settings meu level.

  • Confirm the SmartDrive Settings menu by cliking on the left button.
Now you are in the sub-menu of SmartDrive Settings.

  • Navigate to control mode by pressing on the right button until the control mode icon is shown.
Now you have entered the settings option for the control mode.

  • Confirm the control mode, e.g. MX2+ by pressing the left button. Now choose if the EZ mode is toggled on or off by using the right button and confirm your choice by pressing on the left button.
  • Navigate to the exit symbol. Press the left button to exit the
Now you are back in the main menu.

  • Execute the last step to exit the main menu.
Du hast das Einstellungsmenü nun verlassen.

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